@ChuckMuth is an #OverTweeter

January 4, 2014

Would it be surprising if a respected political operative were to routinely expose his children’s most mundane activities via social media, as if the kids were Kardashians? Of course it would. 


In much the same way attention-starved reality TV stars seek the spot light, @ChuckMuth yearns to be noticed by publicizing many private moments with his family via Twitter and his tax deductible blogs.

Well, Chuck Muth isn’t a respected professional, and he has zero shame, so it’s not really a surprise. Now I’m not talking about the occasional “parental brag” or cute family vignette. I’m talking about regularly and routinely naming his kids and posting photos of them and their friends (creepy).

Is @ChuckMuth really so desperate to appear normal and likable that he employs his own children as a sort of twitter shield? Out of respect for their privacy I won’t quote any of the dozens of recent tweets from @ChuckMuth or mention his children’s names, but I will publicly ask Chuck to show a little bit of restraint and dignity.

Chuck, you are self-proclaimed “full-time dad”. As a “full-time dad” you should cease and desist with the overexposed tweets of your children, at least until they are old enough to consent.

Chuck Muth’s “infomerical” for $1 CD

October 2, 2013
Chuck Muth Campaign Doctor.

Yes, this was actually Chuck Muth’s first choice for a website header. No wonder he creeps out most female candidates.

How much could an aspiring future ex-client of Chuck Muth’s expect to pay for can’t miss, proven, nuts-n-bolts political advice?  Maybe $1,000 ? How about only $500? Act right now and you will pay just $19! 

But wait! Crazy Chuck has lost his mind! He is going to give you this repackaged, free if you google “GOPAC winning elections”, for the unheard of price of only ONE DOLLAR!!!

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“Campaign Doctor” Admits to Lifting Material

October 2, 2013

Honestly, you can not make this stuff up. Once again Nevada’s perpetual political parasite, Chuck Muth has incriminated himself while trying to make a buck (literally) by pawning off somebody else’s work.

chuck muth plagiarism

There he goes again. Hey, Chuck, passing off GOPAC’s work as your own (even with a halfhearted disclaimer) is still L-A-M-E.

This most recent incident takes place on Chuck’s ‘campaign doctor’ website where Chuck is trying to sell would-be political candidates his “Winner’s Circle” campaign package for only a “$19 monthly investment”.

Too bad for Chuck he inadvertently admits that his “proven system” is nothing more than repackaged GOPAC information that any aspiring politico could get for free by going straight to the source.


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