Ross Miller Owns Chuck Muth

July 28, 2014

Chuck Muth talks an awful lot of smack, but when push comes to shove, on issues most important to conservatives, he is very often AWOL. Nowhere is this more obvious than with his near non-existent criticism of Nevada’s current Secretary of State, and probable future Attorney General, Ross Miller.


If Democrat lapdog, Chuck Muth got paid a nickle by Liberal Democrats for every time he yaps about the minority Republicans in Nevada’s legislature, he would still probably have to declare bankruptcy and avoid paying his taxes.

The fact is impotent Chuck Mouth doesn’t lip off to Ross Miller. Why?

Isn’t it ironic that Chuck Muth, Nevada’s biggest political watch dog, (tongue firmly in check) did not say one word against any of Ross Miller’s recent rulings absolving Kim Wallin’s campaign of any wrongdoing for paying herself $5,000 a month for “payroll services”.


In fact, it’s been more than two and half years since Muth has written a disparaging remark about Ross Miller on his award whining blog, And it’s not like Chuck Muth thinks Ross Miller is a conservative Democrat. Remember it was Muth who called Miller, “THE MOST PARTISAN, ANTI-CONSERVATIVE, SECRETARY OF STATE IN NEVADA HISTORY!

Memo to Chuck Muth: You lose what little remaining credibility you have when you fail to engage the most ‘anti-conservative’ secretary of state more than once in the last 2 1/2 years.

So now the answer to the question. Ross Miller, unlike the GOP Assembly Leader, or GOP Senate Leader, or even the GOP candidate for Lt. Governor (who incidentally is running against a liberal democrat with a ZERO rating from the American Conservative Union), gets a complete pass from AWOL Chuck, because the Democrat machine in Nevada owns Chuck Muth.

Sure Zach Hudson and company allow AWOL Chuck to color around the edges by letting him rant about not having access to bathrooms in Walgreen’s, but Muth gets into big trouble when he repeatedly goes after elected Democrats in Nevada – which is why he never does. It’s also the only reason why the liberal local press in Nevada tolerates this idiot.

The next time you get a spam e-mail for “Silver State Confidential” or see a “Brush Fire Alert” e-mail from Citizen Overreach asking you for money, remember Muth is powerless to actually address the source of Nevada’s real liberal problems.

Oh, and if you think it’s bad how Chuck Muth sucks up to Ross Miller, his record of engaging Senator Reid is even worse!

Watchdog? More like neutered lapdog.

@ChuckMuth is an #OverTweeter

January 4, 2014

Would it be surprising if a respected political operative were to routinely expose his children’s most mundane activities via social media, as if the kids were Kardashians? Of course it would. 


In much the same way attention-starved reality TV stars seek the spot light, @ChuckMuth yearns to be noticed by publicizing many private moments with his family via Twitter and his tax deductible blogs.

Well, Chuck Muth isn’t a respected professional, and he has zero shame, so it’s not really a surprise. Now I’m not talking about the occasional “parental brag” or cute family vignette. I’m talking about regularly and routinely naming his kids and posting photos of them and their friends (creepy).

Is @ChuckMuth really so desperate to appear normal and likable that he employs his own children as a sort of twitter shield? Out of respect for their privacy I won’t quote any of the dozens of recent tweets from @ChuckMuth or mention his children’s names, but I will publicly ask Chuck to show a little bit of restraint and dignity.

Chuck, you are self-proclaimed “full-time dad”. As a “full-time dad” you should cease and desist with the overexposed tweets of your children, at least until they are old enough to consent.

Chuck Muth’s “infomerical” for $1 CD

October 2, 2013
Chuck Muth Campaign Doctor.

Yes, this was actually Chuck Muth’s first choice for a website header. No wonder he creeps out most female candidates.

How much could an aspiring future ex-client of Chuck Muth’s expect to pay for can’t miss, proven, nuts-n-bolts political advice?  Maybe $1,000 ? How about only $500? Act right now and you will pay just $19! 

But wait! Crazy Chuck has lost his mind! He is going to give you this repackaged, free if you google “GOPAC winning elections”, for the unheard of price of only ONE DOLLAR!!!

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